365 Ways To Raise Funds For Your Nonprofit

Don’t scroll down if you wish to see this post numbered until 365 to find ways to raise funds. And no, I haven’t fooled you with the title. Instead, I am about to tell you ways to raise funds for your nonprofit that can be conducted throughout the 365 days of the year. So, there is no lie here. It’s just a different perspective to doing things in your nonprofit. Even if you are already aware of some of these, it’s good to check how frequently you can actually follow them. For me, nonprofits highlight how sustainable they are through the number of years they were able to raise money and continue working. Don’t believe what donors and investors say. More money equals more sustainability—end of story.

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Here’s what I plan to discuss the ways to raise funds for your nonprofit.

365 Ways To Raise Funds For Your Nonprofit

You will be amazed that you can do many easy daily fundraising activities. I am not saying that you will bring billions every day from these methods. I am just saying that you can have teams working every day on some of these ways to eventually raise the money you need.

The fundraising activities you can think about running can be:

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Telephone calls
  • Campaigns
  • Sales
  • Special-purpose events

Campaigns and special-purpose events are great but are a bit hard to plan to take place on a frequent basis. But meetings, calls, and sales can be performed easily on a daily basis. It’s very easy to show your face in network events and start talking about your theory of change. I also love special-purpose events and believe that these are great when you target big money from high profiles. You plan a unique themed event setting and ask invitees to pay a good amount of money to attend.

Who’s Out There To Fund You?

A lot! Just to list a few for you with a couple of examples, check out the coming lines.

Of course, you have high net worth individuals (the ones willing to pay to attend the special events I was just telling you about), and you have everyone willing to pay for a cause through crowdfunding methods such as GoFundMe. You just need to ensure that you are not breaking any law related to NGOs, as this differs from one country to the other. Also, there are corporates such as banks and ICT companies. Governments such as ITIDA, TIEC, USAID, EU, and Embassies also provide great funds according to their agendas and pillars of focus. Lastly, Intergovernmental Organizations such as The United Nations (and its agencies) and the Union for the Mediterranean provide long and short-term funds to nonprofits.

Want To Raise Funds? Tell A Good Story

Whatever method you decide you give the most weight to in your fundraising, ensure that all frontlines are telling a great story about your nonprofit. A great storyteller will get you all the funds you need for your business. I always fall in love with people who did not have any slides or papers yet were able to pitch their business through a great story. Knowing your business by heart and being able to talk about it in any context is very important and grasps the attention of anyone in the room. So, invest time in knowing your business and presenting it no matter what the context is.

Always ask yourself this: why would anyone give you money? The answer can be many things but you will always find that this revolves around one word: the impact! They will come to you if they see the great impact you are making through your nonprofit work. So, make sure you actually tell a good heart-felt story that shows and highlights the impact you are creating through your business. Build a personal and authentic story that shows the real need you are addressing with your nonprofit work and how you are leaving the world a little better than when you found it.

365 Ways To Raise Funds For Your Nonprofit – Summary And Final Thoughts

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Happy learning!

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