My Best Strategy Was To Hire a Blogger to Promote My Business.

I was very reluctant to hire a blogger to promote my business last year. But now that I see the results, I would do it a million more times.

I’m AL, an entrepreneurship consultant and the founder of this startup based in Zurich, Albusi. Simply put, I was thinking of powering the blog of Albusi by hiring bloggers. But there is one thing that I consider an edge. I’m a writer myself. I write three times a week on Medium as a hobby. Hence, I can personally assess the articles’ quality.

First up, Medium is quite a strong way to promote your business if you’re doing it right. Initially, I would not advise you to create a corporate account there. People like to read what other people write instead of companies. Here’s a small video about how I earn on Medium, which could empower you and your startup.

Medium Blog Writer

Let’s discuss in detail why you should hire a blogger to promote your business instantly.

The cost of hiring a blogger does not have to be expensive.

Writing, compared to software development, for example, is a practice that much more people tend to do. Hence, if you’re hiring a blogger, the pool you choose from is wide. This puts down the average price that you need to pay to hire a blogger. However, it creates a challenge. The average quality declines.

You need to find the perfect writers that fit your business. For example, if you work in insurance, hiring a food blogger is not the smartest of ideas. Read their samples and assess them yourself as one of your customers.

When doing that, here are two things you must do:

  1. Check for plagiarism with a tool like Grammarly.
  2. Check for A.I. originality with a tool like the Originality.

You need to do both of these so that you’d make sure that your business is promoted healthily. It’s perfectly fine to write A.I.-generated articles and fill your company’s blog with them. However, the readers (yes, there will be human readers eventually.) will get used to the tone.

Yet, humans tend to be surprising. So always keep that in mind.

The costs of hiring a blogger vary. You could pay $10-$500 per article. Personally, I charged a client a year ago $500 to write an article. I was mainly just experimenting with whether I could eventually charge $1000 and $2000 for an article. Yet, I realized that writing to me is a hobby that I love. So it’s hard to write for a client.

Nevertheless, if you’re hiring when you’re not profiting in your company, try to get the best pricing that would make sure you have non-plagarised, non-AI, and good-quality articles for as long as possible.

If you’re focused on growing with Google, then consistency is key. I know you heard that a lot, but it is very true. We witnessed it in our startup. Here’s a read about our SEO journey.

Google Ads for Startups – How we grew organically.

SEO might get you clients for free forever.

While many people probably recommended that you try cold calling and cold emails, I think they are extremely ineffective and a waste of talent. I’d channel this creative process into creating content that would rank on Google and get you clients forever.

For instance, we wrote a piece about a business plan in Google docs, where we attached a sample business plan. This article has generated clicks that would’ve been equivalent to spending over $100 in ads for only this month.

Additionally, it’s just a better website if it has content rather than just a simple landing page.

How do you find the perfect blogger to promote your business?

The answer to this is quite simple. There are freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr. However, I do not recommend that. Simply because most freelancers there operate based on volume. So there is a high chance that it will affect the quality of your article.

It’s a gamble that I wouldn’t take. However, here’s my unconventional advice on how to get a good blogger.

  1. Read articles on Medium and Newsbreak.
  2. Then find the tone that you want your customers to see.
  3. Finally, approach those writers and get a quotation.

You would be surprised at how many writers would respond. Why? It’s very easy.

These writers are trying to prove themselves as good writers to the world. Hence, they will write original good content so that they would please the reader, who might be your end customer as well.

So in a sense, if they are successfully writing in your niche, they would be your most fitting match.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an easier route, you could go for Upwork or Fiverr. But you have to triple your efforts when it comes to content quality filtration.

How I once failed to hire a blogger to promote my business.

Here, on Albusi, I also hired some blog writers who produced average articles but resulted in just a waste of money. That was not their fault. It was mine. I told them to write under the business topic, whatever they would prefer. I simply went with the strategy – “I just need to populate the website.”

This resulted in some articles about the best entrepreneurship movies and the top countries to visit if you’re an entrepreneur. It was not directed to my niche audience and was pointless. Then a couple of years later, I truly understood how to do this process correctly.

The ultimate process of blog writing on your business

You need to understand two words: keyword, and KD (keyword difficulty)

That’s it. They shouldn’t just write about entrepreneurship movies. They should write based on the keywords you provide them, the ones that your end customers will probably search for. For us, that was “Business plan in google docs.”

You need to know the keywords that they are searching for and how difficult it is for you to rank for them. Then you could use your creative strategy. For instance, “business plan” was quite a difficult keyword. But “business plan in google docs” was a lot easier.

For this particular function, you could either hire a freelance keyword researcher or do that yourself on a website called Semrush. I advise you to do that yourself initially. It’s a fun process, and you know your customers more than anyone.

That’s it. Do that, and you have my word that, in time, you will grow in clicks without paying for any advertisements. After all, this is how we did it, and look at where we are now.

Hiring Bloggers for a business - Result for Albusi
Hiring Bloggers for a business – Result for Albusi

I’m confident in one thing – this graph will keep on going up as we continue writing and producing quality content. Hence, I invite you to do the same.

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