Investor Email List (Downloadable v2023)

If you’re looking for an investor, I understand the hassle. Researching who might invest in your startup could take a crazy amount of time to find a proper investor email list. Here’s a sheet that I used a short while ago. Hopefully, it would benefit you.

Investor List (Downloadable)

Before downloading or using this sheet, here’s what you should know:

  • I’ve used this spreadsheet to raise a pre-seed for a client in the crypto/blockchain space.
  • The full version contains 4574 contacts, while the filtered (focused on Gamefi and blockchain) contains 791 contacts.
  • It’s publically shared data, so it’s not sensitive information. It’ll just take you a month to research or so.
  • My approach was focused on the LinkedIn accounts.
    • Trying to obtain the LinkedIn account of the fund (if it’s not there.)
    • Checking the managers there and sending them an InMail with your deck.
  • If you use the email list to send a cold email to everyone, here’s what’s going to happen:
    • A very small percentage of those people will respond back.
    • Your email and domain will be marked as spam.
  • I’ve written below the investor email list how I would advise you to approach this; check it out.

Your Approach Methodology

I would advise you to remember that each person on this list or company consists of humans. As long as you remember that, this sheet will be helpful. You don’t need to raise investments from these people. That’s not your primary objective.

  1. You need to establish a connection and introduce yourself in a non “icky” sort of way. That’s the only way an investor would be interested in investing in your startup.
  2. Don’t immediately send the deck. Tease the person with an elevator pitch and traction. For example, “I’m working on a business consultancy marketplace. Think Upwork for business documents. We’ve achieved $100k revenue in the first year with a burn rate of $6k per month.”

For any questions, write them down in the comments below.

Finally, share this investor email list with someone who might benefit from it; Don’t be selfish.

Most importantly, work or not, always look outside your window and remember that this day could be a wonderful one!

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Al Anany

Here’s your daily advice: sometimes, you don’t need an investment.

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I’m Al Anany, the founder and CEO of Albusi GmbH in Switzerland.

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