TV Pitch Deck Template – A Recommended Google Slides Version.

TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template
TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

The idea of pitching a TV series to Netflix probably crossed your mind. Honestly, if they’re spending $30 million per episode of Stranger Things season 4, I think you have a good chance. Anyone can think of an idea for a TV series to be pitched. But only the ones who pitch correctly are going to have their product out there on the screen. If you want to put your content in a TV pitch deck template, I’m here to help.

Let’s start with the template immediately.

Here it is; you can view it here and then access it by clicking on the button below (You will have to make a copy of it in Google Slides to use it easily. Just click on File – Make a copy.) Alternatively, you could download it in Microsoft Powerpoint as well. After the link, you’ll see my detailed guide of how I advise you to use this template.

TV Pitch Deck Template

Slide 1 – Cover

A TV product, film, or series falls under the art category. In order to pitch something in the world of art, each sentence that you type in has to convey that. That’s why I designed this template to have easy colors with simple text. The power is mostly conveyed in the words and the pictures you will add later on.

Hence, we start off with a simple cover page showcasing the name of the product. I’ve chosen TeeVee Productions as a placeholder text.

TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 1
Cover Slide

Slide 2 – Problem

Secondly, there are thousands of TV series and films out there. The last thing we need is something that won’t be watched that wastes people’s time, actors, and viewers. The only way to guarantee this does not happens is by stating what your product is solving. Hence, you need to showcase the problem clearly. For instance, an idea would be showcasing that the TV world needs to be more authentic, and for that, a series could be pitched.

So we showcase the image of the problem slide and mention what we believe we’re solving.

TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 2
TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 2

Slides 3 & 4 – Solution

Then we showcase how amazing our idea is. Whatever you have has to be pitched here, whether those are artworks or still images. You need to showcase what’s on your mind. That’s the only way investors would buy your product. They need to get into your brain and see the beauty of what you’re imagining.

Solution Slide 3
TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 4
Solution (Detailed)

Feel free to showcase by text how you’re solving the problems you mentioned earlier, to connect the dots.

Slide 5 – Market Size

You could have a wonderful series idea. But the world might not want it right now. Is there a market need? Showcasing this through stats is a golden way to clear the path to your investment.

You don’t have to be showcasing the total market size of the TV industry as I did. You could just showcase that people are demanding more reality TV shows, for example if that’s your niche. Similarly, you could showcase some of the series that are similar to what you’re pitching and how they succeeded.

TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 5
TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 5

Slides 6, 7 & 8 – Output

Then you need to showcase the product. If this were a pitch deck about a restaurant, I’d recommend showing a financial sheet. But you’re not a restaurant. You’re focused on TV. Hence, you need to show what you’re thinking. If you gave them a glimpse at the solution slide, boost it up here by showing the exact details.

Output Slide 6
TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 6
Output Slide 7
Output Slide 7
Output Slide 8
Output Slide 8

Slide 9 – Team

It’s critical that the faces behind this product be displayed confidently. Hence, showcase your team and what each of you is doing.

TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 9
TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 9

Slide 10 – Investment Ask

Any perfect presentation has to have a call to action (What do you want from the reader?)

This makes life easier. What if they’re interested, but it’s not within their budget? In that case, pitching the investment ask would spare you and everyone seeing this a good amount of time.

TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 10
TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 10

Slide 11 – Contact

Finally, tell them how to reach you.

TV Pitch Deck Google Slides Template Slide 11

Our Final Suggestions For The TV Pitch Deck Template

That’s it. That’s all you need for a TV Pitch deck. Download the template and modify it as you wish in order to pitch your idea in the most perfect way.

If you want to read further, I advise you to check out the Snapchat pitch deck. While it’s not a TV pitch deck, it has a certain level of art to it that I advise you to get inspired from.

Wishing you the best of luck,

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