Shark Tank Pitch Template in Google Slides

Shark Tank Pitch Template

Even though it‘s quite a big online hoax, it‘s amazing for publicity. Your product could go from nothing to billions by just showing it on Shark Tank. Yet, in order to go there and eventually land an offer, you‘ll need to prepare a perfect pitch, and for that, I created this Shark Tank pitch template.

Before you see this, who am I?

It‘s an essential question if you ask me. You need to know who is creating your templates and their experience accordingly. The name is Al Anany, an entrepreneurship consultant in Zurich. I write on Medium, and shoot videos on Youtube. I‘m based in Zurich with my own startup founded here, Albusi.

I‘ve been in this business world for over ten years, and worked with clients who raised more than $120 million. Now let‘s talk about this Shark Tank pitch template.

Firstly, this is an RCT (Real Content Template)

In case you don‘t know what that is, an RCT is a merger between a beautiful design and an actual business document. We design documents in-house, then with the support of our business consultants and AI, start constructing real content templates that you could modify and use instantly.

Download the Shark Tank Pitch Template

If there‘s one thing I hate about many websites is the teasing. Sometimes I just want to say, “Where‘s the file?!“

Hence, here it is:

Shark Tank Pitch Template Guide

Preface — Shark Tank is a show.

The first thing you always need to remember is that whatever‘s done on Shark Tank is for the views. This is crucial to remember and pinpoint. Yes, it has some successful businessmen like Mark Cuban. However, it‘s all a stunt. Many deals that are pitched online eventually don‘t go through. Additionally, the more I research the more I notice that there isn‘t a single successful pitch that worked out on Shark Tank.

There‘s only one success story and it was because of the views, not the show. That story is about Ring, the company that later on got sold to Amazon.

Pitch Slide 1 — The Cover Page.

Many of the pitches on Shark Tank don‘t even include a PowerPoint. The reason for that is that they have extremely limited time when they‘re pitching. Hence, if you have a product that is selling like crazy, you only need to focus on a cover page, and the traction slide.

If not, then here are additional slides you need to consider.

Pitch Slides 2 & 3 — Problem and Solution

This is usually scripted. You ought to tell the judges what the problem is as your first sentence when you pitch. Then showcase your solution. Whether that‘s with a template or not is up to you and highly depends on your product.

Pitch Slide 4 — Traction for Shark Tank

This is the most essential slide that you need to memorize and showcase.

Pitch Slide 5 — Team

They‘ll ask the question of who‘s working with you. So you might as well answer it in advance.

Pitch Slide 6 — Investment Ask from Shark Tank

Cut to the chase. Tell them how much you‘re asking for and the equity or options you are providing for such an amount.

Extra Slide — Market Opportunity

In some cases, judges like Mark Cuban could ask about the market you are targeting. They might be looking for some numbers. In that case, you‘ll need to showcase these slides.

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I’m Al Anany, the founder and CEO of Albusi.

I’ve pitched and helped pitch. This puts me in the perspective to be able to aid you as much as possible!