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Artificial intelligence PowerPoint template

The speed of the AI rise is quite shocking. I actually believe that during my typing of the previous sentence, there were thousands of lines written by ChatGPT. Starting a business in this sector is similar to those who started businesses when the internet was invented—it could lead to big success. Putting this all in mind, I‘ve create an artificial intelligence PowerPoint template that is actually a real content template with actual information of a company that I‘ve invented based on current AI startups.

The Artificial intelligence template in PowerPoint.

We don‘t like those blogs who would just keep talking before providing the template, so let‘s start with that. After that, I will tell you the exact methodology that I used to create the template to guide you into writing the perfect content. You‘d want to hear this from a ten year business consultant, trust me.

Cognit-AI — The Template Guide

I drafted this PowerPoint as a presentation for business purposes. I thought of it more as an investor presentation, but it‘s your ultimate decision on how to use it. Hence, I started by thinking of a storyboard as in what will my reader think of.

The first thing I did was introduce the startup with a logo and the information of the template. Followed by that, the AI industry is moving quick, so I wanted to clarify that. Hence, I put a quote from one of the AI experts.

But a quote from an expert is not enough to clarify an industry. The market statistics are vital. So I started showcasing the market growth of AI.

After that, I started hitting with the main content. I showcased what the products of Cognit-AI are. I showcased the chatbot, image recognition, and predictive analysis. Remember, this is purely out of imagination. There is no affiliated company called Cognit-AI that I‘m aware of.

Followed by that moment, we started talking about the core tech behind our work. Then the team to put faces to who‘s speaking. Additionally, a business model to clarify that this is not just a presentation, but more of a business that could make money. To power that thought, I added revenue projections for three years to close the deck.

What to do next with this RCT

In case you don’t know what an RCT is, it’s a real-content template. We merged the wisedom of our business consultants with our designers to create templates that have real content of imaginary companies.

Feel free to use this design and content in whatever empowers your business!

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I’m Al Anany, the founder and CEO of Albusi.

I‘ve always believed in AI way before it was cool. It was a primary reason of why I studied it back in 2011.