Event Venue Business Plan — Google Docs Template

Event Venue Business Plan

In a world dominated by A.I., the demand of offline events will increase. Imagine sitting around at home the whole day speaking to A.I. assistants to finish your work. Eventually, human communication will be needed. When that happens, a type of getaway would be an event. If you‘re interested in starting a event venue business and looking for a plan, you might be up to something.

I‘ll create an RCT (Real Content Template) here to help you through this process. The name of the Event Venue business we‘ll pick is VenueVibe (Creative, huh?)

You can use this real-content template as a guide to modify and apply to your current event venue business plan. Let‘s do this!

Event Venue Business Plan (RCT in Google Docs)

In case you‘re unfamiliar with RCTs. They‘re a new concept created here on Albusi that aims to be a merge of templates and actual business plans.

Download the Event Venue Business Plan RCT!

I‘ve said it before, and I‘ll say it again. I hate when online blogs keep talking about a template and spread their website with advertisements. So if you‘re only looking to download the RCT. You can do that right now here. However, if you‘re looking for a detailed explanation of this Event Venue Business Plan RCT from a ten year business consultant, then keep reading.

Note: You need to click on “File“ then “Make a copy.“

Detailed Explanation – Event Venue Business Plan RCT

So let‘s start telling the story of VenueVibe, an event venue business. I‘ll address this to a reader who might be an investor or a bank. Honestly, if you already have a good track record of events, going with the bank option might be a lot better than getting an investor with equity. There aren‘t a lot of rules when it comes to getting a bank loan. You just have to pay it back with interest.

Hence, if you‘re sure an event will make you a certain percentage of profit, why not go for a bank loan? Yet, this highly depends on your current cashflow and risk. In some cases, you wouldn‘t be able to repay the bank, which would result in a negative outcome. For those cases, an equity investor would be a smarter option.

In all cases, let‘s dig into the business plan template.

Part 1 – Executive Summary

So I start off with the summary of what the reader will go through in this business plan. It‘s a classic start when it comes to business plans. I usually prefer it to be visual and textual rather than just one of those. Hence, I‘ve added a pie chart and wrote some information about VenueVibe to start a proper conversation with the reader.

Part 2 – Market And Company Information

Once the reader has an idea of what VenueVibe does. I want to establish that it’s a safe business. That it‘s not a risky venture like cryptocurrency for instance. People will always need venues.

Hence, I start showing some market statistics. If you operate in a particular niche in the event venue business, I recommend you add more to the research that‘s already added.

Then a direct approach is what‘s needed. The reader needs to know what VenueVibe is as a company. So I start pitching all the information that I need about the company.

Part 3 – Operations and Organizational Plan

Then questions will start to populate in the reader‘s mind. So in order to answer them immediately rather than wait for a few emails, I start showcasing how my operations are as well as who are we and the full organizational plan.

Now the reader has an idea of who we are, and what we are currently doing. The question that will arrive now is, “What‘s next?“

Part 4 – Timeline, Go-To-Market, and Financials

That‘s why we close this RCT by mentioning our timeline of operations, and our go to strategy to open up ideas for a further discussion. The reader will mostly be concerned about this section, because this is where their help will come in. Hence, expect lots of ideas from the readers here.

Finally, we close by showcasing our financials. An income statement in this case is more than enough. However, if the business has been in operation for a longer time, then a full three statement model could be better.

I always like to showcase the financial section as a mixture of table and charts. Here‘s the source file of the charts in case you can‘t reach it.

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