RareNFT (NFT Pitch Deck Template)


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RareNFT is an investor deck template based on Rarible and OpenSea. I made it short and to the point addressing what most people would think of the NFT market.

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An NFT pitch deck template has to show the good and bad in the world of NFTs. This is the most honest deck that I could think of. The world of NFTs is all about speed. So I made it a 7-slides pitch deck.

  • Cover page – Showing the unique selling point of RareNFT through an elevator pitch (a startup that was invented based on Rarible and OpenSea.)

RareNFT - NFT Pitch Deck Template

  • Market – Let’s address the elephant in the room. The market of NFTs is a rollercoaster.

RareNFT - NFT Pitch Deck Template (Market)

  • Competition – It’s critical to mention the other players in the market at that stage and how we, as RareNFT, are different.

  • Product – RareNFT is all about the chain of operations, or in other words, how it works.

  • Valuations – Instead of the usual TAM, SAM, and SOM, I pitched the valuations of current competitors.

RareNFT - NFT Pitch Deck Template (Valuations)

  • Financials – Finally, we closed this deck by showcasing some potential reasonable financial projections.

RareNFT - NFT Pitch Deck Template (Contact)

How to use this NFT Pitch Deck Template?

If you’re interested in starting an NFT marketplace, it’s always a risky time. The market of NFTs is one that is the most volatile that we’ve seen. It has only one match – the cryptocurrency market.

Hence, it’s never a good or a bad time to start an NFT marketplace. What’s vital is that you would find a good use case for this NFT. If you achieved that, then you got yourself an amazing product that could grow.

Eventually, you’ll need to sign up partners to join your startup. This is why this real content template exists. You can just use it in Google Slides to modify the text and make it into your own NFT marketplace.

What’s important to put into consideration is that you might need to add more to it. But this, according to my experience, is the pure essence of what makes an NFT pitch deck.

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