This TransferWise Pitch Deck Raised $1.3 Million

Transferwise Pitch Deck

The Transferwise Pitch Deck in PDF

To cut to the chase, here’s the transferwise pitch deck in PDF (for those of you looking for just a PDF.)

What’s the story of this Transferwise pitch deck?

Transfer Wise is quite the pioneer company when it comes to financial global transfers. They went through many legal problems to get to where they are. There’s no surprise that nowadays, they’re very much against cryptocurrency transactions.

While I don’t agree with this mentality, I took a trip to the past to check out the pitch deck that they used to raise over $1.3 million.

They’ve rebranded to Wise (what is it with fintech startups rebranding and changing their names?)

A real content template of a company that is inspired by Transferwise.

I created this real content template of a fintech startup that does not exist as if it did exist. This aims to help you with your business adventure if you’re intending to work in the fintech industry.

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Revolut vs Wise is one of the battles that I am watching carefully to learn from.

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