The DoorDash Pitch Deck That Raised $2.4 Million

DoorDash Pitch Deck

The DoorDash Pitch Deck in PDF

I never like it when websites just keep teasing a non-existent download blog. So if you’re looking to download this doordash pitch deck in PDF to learn from it, here it is.

DoorDash and their pitch deck

DoorDash went from an idea pitched by a college dropout on the startup accelerator Y Combinator and turned to a giant with a market cap of over $26 billion. I was watching their initial video pitch on Youtube. Wait, I’ll fetch you a link.

They transformed from where they were then, to a landmark of the food industry. They needed a pitch deck to convince investors to raise funds. Obviously, they created many decks. This one is for their pitch at Y Combinator (the same one in the video above.)

A real content template of a company that is inspired by Doordash.

Sometimes I imagine myself owning DoorDash. When I do that, I create a pitch deck with a fictional company’s name. So if you’re intending to start a food startup like Doordash, you’ll love this template.

This industry is cash burning one. UberEats and DoorDash burn millions of dollars in order to compete and win over clients. It’s a game of efficiency. The question of who is delivering faster is usually the game changer.

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