The Best Pitch Decks I’ve Seen After 12 Years (Updated 2024)

We’re in a new age. So, the Airbnb pitch deck does not work anymore. Back then, investors and VCs had the eagerness to listen. Nowadays, our attention span is shorter than ever. I’ve been reviewing decks for over 12 years. Here are, by far, the best pitch decks I’ve seen.

There are two types of decks. Ones that try to convince (like the Airbnb pitch deck) and ones that are just showcasing numbers (Like most private companies these days).

1. Preplexity’s – The Best Pitch Deck I’ve Seen.

Perplexity's Pitch Deck

Yes, we are! There are products that convince, and there are products that people relate to. There isn’t a stronger first slide that I’ve seen in a pitch deck because it’s a critical problem in our time. They went on to raise $165 million. You can check out the full pitch deck here.

2. Fiverr’s – One of the best pitch decks I’ve seen.

Fiverr's Pitch Deck

They don’t need to convince an investor with anything because they’ve already raised over $111m and then went public to have a market cap of $984m. They close $90m or so of revenue every quarter. So now, they need to convince the masses to invest in their public company. So, it’s a different form of deck.

Yet, their design team and storytelling aspect are super. Read their full investor presentation here.

3. WeWork’s Pitch Deck – Another one of the best pitch decks I’ve seen.

WeWork's Pitch Deck

Similar to Fiverr, WeWork (before they went bust) had amazing investor presentations that is to learn from by all means. They’ve grown beyond anyone’s expectations and then crashed as most people expected. Here’s one for you to check out.

4. Bubble’s Pitch Deck

Bubble's deck

Bubble is one of those products you didn’t know you needed, and it turns out that it saves tons of time. I’m personally building MVPs with bubble all the time due to the speed of how everything goes. Their pitch deck is spot-on and way ahead of its time. They went on to raise over $100m.

Here’s the full Bubble deck.

5. Buffer’s Pitch Deck

Buffer Deck

Buffer went on from a product nobody knew to a must use scheduling app. What’s impressive is that there were many scheduling apps already on the market. But their UI made it perfect by all means. They went on to raise $4m.

6. Aether’s Pitch Deck

Aether's Deck

This is not that old, yet it tells an interesting story that applies to the masses. Hence, I’m adding it to the list. Here’s Aether’s full pitch deck.

There are many more decks that tell an amazing story. Every day, decks are being written out there that have the potential to be part of building the next trillion-dollar company. But these decks were written, then their founders actually executed that vision, which is impressive by all means.

Keep doing what you’re doing. A pitch deck is part of the equation but not the most vital one. What’s important is traction. If you write a super impressive traction on a piece of paper, you might not need a pitch deck. This could very much be the best pitch deck ever.