Pitch Deck PDF Examples: A Pre-Seed Deck I Made For A Client.

Pitch Deck Examples PDF — Slide 10
Pitch Deck Examples PDF — Slide 10

You could see tons of PDF pitch deck examples like the Airbnb deck, the Uber one, Snapchat, Tesla, and the list goes on. But deep inside you, you know that even if you take their exact templates, that does not guarantee an investment by any means. The Airbnb deck for example is so outdated that most investors would skip it if they saw it nowadays.

You, as an entrepreneur, must adapt to our fast-moving startup world. Hence, your decks have to be creative and original.

I‘ve been creating decks for more than ten years. Some of my clients have raised $120m while others are in their pre-seed round. A recent one I just had, ExoTwiin, agreed to me sharing their deck so that it could benefit people out there.

I‘ve also written a detailed Medium article about this process, in case you‘re an avid reader there!

Before we start analyzing this deck, you should know that 96% of my time is invested in my substack (750k views and 12k readers); Here’s a link if you wish to become part of my network. Oh, and you get access to all 100 Editable Real Content Templates that we created.

First Phase — Storyboard.

I always start my decks with proper planning. The only way to do so is to create a killer storyboard. It shows where you want the investor to think of what. That‘s to put it in simple words. For that, the storyboard took me quite a while but it was worth it. It looked like this.

Pitch Deck Examples PDF - Storyboard ExoTwiin
Pitch Deck Examples PDF – Storyboard ExoTwiin

This opens the conversation of creating a pitch deck. It‘s stage 0. It‘s thinking of what the investor might think of, which is the true art of pitching.

Pitch Deck Examples — ExoTwiin (PDF)

You can see the exact slides of the pitch deck below, and as a PDF as well here.

The deck is for ExoTwiin, a digital twinning experience. They create certifiable hyper-realistic 3D twins rather than quick imprecise 3D avatars.

Since I don‘t like repetition, I‘ve already written two articles on Medium about an analysis of this deck.

So please check them out if you‘re looking for a thorough analysis. But if you have any question about this PDF pitch deck example, please shoot it in the comments.

PDF Pitch Deck Examples — Slide 1 (ExoTwiin)

ExoTwiin Pitch Deck — Slide 1
Pitch Deck — Slide 1

The best elevator pitch is direct and easy to understand.

Market — Slide 2

ExoTwiin Pitch Deck — Slide 2
Pitch Deck — Slide 2

The market of digital twins is expanding and in different industries.

Market — Slide 3

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 3
Pitch Deck — Slide 3

There is an apparent problem that needs to be shown practically.

How it works — Slide 4

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 4
Pitch Deck — Slide 4

One needs to be aware of how the digital twinning process works, exactly.

Traction — Slide 5

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 5
Pitch Deck — Slide 5

ExoTwiin already did various twins, and showing them in action is a perfect credibility showcase.

Team — Slide 6

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 6
Pitch Deck — Slide 6

Then showing who stands behind ExoTwiin is critical to convey that the company has strong management.

Competition — Slide 7

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 7
Pitch Deck — Slide 7

It‘s crucial to compare ExoTwiin with others. I always use a similar graph as it‘s the best visual representation of the competition slide of a pitch deck.

Business Model — Slide 8

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 8
Pitch Deck — Slide 8

Showcasing how will ExoTwiin make money is the upcoming logical step of the story.

GTM Slide — Slide 9

ExoTwiin Pitch Deck— Slide 9
Pitch Deck — Slide 9

When investors are wondering how ExoTwiin will spread over the upcoming years, it‘s important to address that.

Investment Ask — Slide 10

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 10
Pitch Deck — Slide 10

Finally, a call-to-action is a slide that saves time to both the reader and the writer of the deck.

Contact — Slide 11

ExoTwiin Pitch — Slide 11
Pitch Deck — Slide 11

Then the final closure is by showcasing some of the strong references as well as the contact information.

Other PDF Pitch Deck Examples

Tesla is one of the perfect pitch deck examples (in PDF)

This is one of my favorites. Additionally, I‘ve already written a lengthy article on the matter. Here it is.

I‘ve analysed plenty of decks, and this one stands out. Hence, I made a visual version of this analysis.

Tesla Pitch Deck Example (Analysis)

It’s available in PDF as well in the article link.

PDF Pitch Deck Examples — Uber

Uber is a giant. The company culture is not the best these days. However, the story is an inspirational one. I highly recommend that you check this example as well to explore more.

Additional PDF Pitch Deck Examples.

There‘s Snapchat, WeWork, Dropbox, Buffer, and many others planned to be available here on Albusi. So keep checking our website, and if you wish to stay updated, our LinkedIn page.

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