Metaverse Avatar Business (& Pitch Deck)

The metaverse has transformed into a constant rather than a variable, even if the Wall Street Journal says that Meta is preparing for large-scale layoffs. You see it when everyone is showcasing their metaverse avatar.

Yet, neither Meta nor the metaverse is the winner of the big game. When the internet was widely criticized long ago, GoDaddy did not become the most valuable company. Hence, it’s not about the companies directly using such technologies. Instead, the chances are more open to those indirectly utilizing the internet, like Amazon, and how they achieved a market cap of $1 trillion.

Similarly, the metaverse will have many winners in many areas. Sandbox, for instance, is eying a $4 billion valuation.

Whether you’re a believer in the metaverse spreading globally or not, you are up for a ride.

Bloomberg reports this market to be worth more than $800 billion. Additionally, a Deloitte research report showcases the increased demand for VR and AR devices.

Screenshot from Deloitte’s Metaverse report— Future is here (Global XR indurstry insight

Niching it: The Metaverse Avatar business.

To exist in the metaverse, a user ought to have an avatar. Mark Zuckerberg showed us how bad it could look. Then improved it (just a bit.)

So I started thinking, is there a way I can create a realistic Metaverse avatar that looks like me?

I went to the most SEO’d platform, Ready Player Me. Then I started testing how I could look in this so-called metaverse. Here’s the image that I uploaded (It’s a good one, I know.)

Image of Al Anany
Image of Author

Then, I played around a bit with the result, and here’s what came out.

Metaverse Avatar of Al Anany
My Avatar from Readyplayerme

I added the PJ element as it’s a realistic view of how I now look. However, in terms of details, I am unimpressed with how much this avatar looks like me. Hence, I did more research.

Epic Games are working on a product called MetaHuman that aims to release highly realistic digital human avatars.

Metaverse Avatar of Nefertiti
Tweet that shows Jason Bennet using the Metahuman interface.

It looks like an upgrade from Ready Player Me, yet, the opportunities are still wide open. If one does not ask, “Wait, is this a real person or an avatar?” then the objective has not been achieved.

How should an entrepreneur build a metaverse avatar business?

I’ve been contacted by several companies that show incredible potential in their metaverse avatar innovation. Whether that’s technological or practical does not particularly matter at this stage. One needs to create a product under this umbrella and generate traction.

Once that happens, a pitch deck needs to be in place for this metaverse avatar business to be able to raise investments for it (if required.)

Note: In many cases, bootstrapping could be the way to go. It depends on your ultimate goal.

Finally, if you decide to create a pitch deck for a metaverse avatar business, here is my recommendation for the content.

Killer Elevator Pitch

You’re in the metaverse avatar business, so your pitch should be as direct as possible. Do not keep the investor wondering what you’re product is about.

For instance, “Creating the Next Generation Security OTP for Metaverse Avatars.”

The Problem and Solution

The problem might not be significant at this stage. This is because the users of the metaverse are not that many at the moment. However, your challenge is to showcase this problem’s growth.

Followed by that, showcase that your solution, if established now, would put you on a fantastic edge.

The Market Opportunity – The Growth of the Metaverse Avatar Industry.

The metaverse, NFT, crypto, and blockchain market have one thing in common. They are changing rapidly. Hence, according to the latest research, you need to showcase your market size and projections.


Show that investor what you’ve done to kill any doubt about your product demand.

Team – Your Metaverse Avatar Musketeers.

Here’s an idea, instead of putting pictures of you and your team, put the avatars and the real ones. If there’s one thing loved in the entrepreneurial world, that’s when a founder believes in their product.

Financials and Investment

I usually prefer to merge this into an investment slide. You will have to show what you want to say here. Are you raising $5 million? Is it to build a new variation of your product? Do you need engineers? a CTO, maybe? Etc…

Business Model

It’s a question that any investor will have. So save them and yourself time by answering the question, “how do you intend to make money?”

Competition – Others in the Metaverse Avatar business world.

Just put the graph where you showcase where your product lies compared to other competitors. It’s the simplest way of explaining how you’re better.

Other Slides and Design Comments

Additionally, you could add an exit strategy and a go-to-market strategy based on your product. Do not forget to add a contact slide.

Finally, for the design, make sure that every element you have is synchronous (i.e., your website, pitch deck, business plan, and platform.)

Remember that whoever looks at your deck is probably already interested in the metaverse. So, design it with this mindset. If you know that person loves pizza, for example, then a presentation should convey that.

If you need my help creating this deck, here’s how I do it.

The deck will be crafted from scratch after studying the market, the company’s brand guidelines, the market sentiment in regards to the metaverse, traction, and financials of the startup, and knowing more about the team.

Timeframe14-21 days
Budget$1500 ($500 Design Extention Possible.)
The Freelancer Behind This Service

Imagine a bakery owner who does not bake. Then it’s probably not a good bakery. I founded Albusi more than three years ago due to my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and business.

I’m Al Anany, the founder and CEO of Albusi. I seldom work on decks and plans for startups due to my focus on growing Albusi. However, that does not mean that I don’t. Occasionally, I select a startup or two, and if we’re a match, I work with them on a pitch deck. Of course, I collaborate with my wonderful team (for ex., design and research) to achieve a perfect document.

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