Airbnb Pitch Deck


Airbnb created a pitch deck in the past that made generations of people follow their footsteps. It became a mark in the pitch deck world. Why? Because they created a simple and beautiful pitch deck. Replicating it, while sometimes could work, is not the best practice. Getting inspired from it however, is a wise action to do.

Here are the slides of the Airbnb pitch deck:

Firstly, the Airbnb pitch deck slides are:

  1. Elevator Pitch
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Market Validation
  5. Market Size
  6. Product
  7. Business Model
  8. Adoption Strategy
  9. Competition
  10. Competitive Advantage
  11. Team
  12. Press
  13. Testimonials
  14. Financials

Therefore, they used this deck to raise investments and become the giant they are today. However, things have changed. The accelerator that put them on the radar, YC, changed its application process. So, you do not necessarily need a pitch deck to apply. The focus is more on the questions asked as well as the 1 minute video of the entrepreneur pitching.

Simply, according to our research, getting accepted in YC, like airbnb with their pitch deck, requires:

  • Traction
  • Strong Team and Confidence
  • Product-Market-Fit

Hence, If you, as an entrepreneur, have those elements, you could get a shot in YC‘s upcoming batch and get on the high end entrepreneurial network.

However, a pitch deck is needed in all cases, and for that, we‘ve created a specific accelerator pitch deck that aims to showcase your product for this specific niche of accelerators.

It‘s not as straight forward as a pitch deck targeted to angel investors nor does it have the same form as a VC deck. A pitch deck for YC, like the airbnb pitch deck, requires careful strategic planning of the storyboard. You need to think how the viewer will receive your application and react to it amongst the thousand other applications. It‘s an ocean of sharks and the application as well as the deck need to stand out.

Thereby, the answers that they‘re not asking yet need to be addressed and answered already. Using this thought, we chat with you, review your company very well, and start constructing a killer storyboard followed by a design that fits. The design can not be overcomplicated neither can it be very simple. There‘s a middle line, and this service is what the middle line is all about.

I‘ve worked with over 50 clients who required help with their pitch decks and, if you‘ll become one, then we‘re about to embark on a fantastic entrepreneurial journey, possibly similar to Airbnb‘s (if you believe it, then it‘s doable.)

The deck will be focused on accelerator-focused startups. Hence, it will have all the information about your product, team, traction, growth strategy, future plans, and market.

Timeframe14 days
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