Tesla Price Drop and Elon’s Twitter are Destroying Tesla (Op-ed)

Tesla Price Drop
Tesla Price Drop

Tesla is underperforming (+Youtube Video)

They just announced their Q1 deliveries and the result was quite disappointing, even though they broke their record. It‘s mainly because of Twitter and the Tesla price drop. Let me elaborate.

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Tesla Price Drop and Twitter are hurting Tesla

Alright, so simply put, Tesla did two things that are problematic:

  1. They created more cars than they sold.
  2. They sold extremely discounted cars.

Some might say this is an attempt to save a quarter. But the only problem is, it only resulted in a 4% increase in sales. The financial outcome of that is to be released on April 19th, 2023 here.

Tesla‘s Annual Deliveries

You need to ask this question if you haven‘t already. You need to see how they‘ve been performing each quarter. So here it goes:

  • Q1 2022 — 310,048
  • Q2 2022 — 254,695 (Logistical issues with China, and supply chain disruptions)
  • Q3 2022 — 343,830
  • Q4 2022 — 405,278
  • Q1 2023 — 422,875

But what‘s critically vital is the financial result of this stunt that‘ll be released soon. But, wait, what does that mean for Elon Musk?

Elon‘s Twitter along the Tesla price drop is a trigger.

Twitter can not be considered a positive influence on Tesla, simply put. Yet, in order to really assess whether Elon‘s performance as the CEO of Tesla is declining, one needs to wait a couple of years. He only acquired Twitter recently.

This quarter will be considered a milestone. Another few downturns like this one could result in him being recommended to leave his position in Twitter. It‘s unlikely that he would leave or be kicked out of Tesla. They have a strong relationship with the fact that they‘re both needing each other at this stage.

Let‘s wait, watch, and enjoy the ride.

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