How To Start a Permanent Bracelet Business

How To Start a Permanent Bracelet Business

If you’re thinking about how to start a permanent bracelet business, now might be just the right time. Permanent jewelry is having its moment. As the trend has taken off recently, getting permanent jewelry is nothing new. Embbeing jewelry in your body dates back to Egypt. However, the trend might be here to stay this time – bracelets in particular. The movement is next to tattoos and piercings; we all know the last two have been in fashion for a while now.

Whether getting one with a significant other, your sister, or a best friend, these are a great addition to amp up the look with no effort. The best part? They’re incredibly versatile; anyone can integrate them into their daily attire.

Considering the rising demand for everlasting bracelets and the ever-growing market for jewelry and accessories now might be the time to invest in starting your venture. People are always looking for ways to accessorize their wardrobe, and the permanent bracelet offers something different than traditional jewelry. Business-wise, this commitment can be established at a reasonable price. So, you’ll get to create without the pressure of losing all of your money. Win-win. *winks* 

Before heading to your bank, preparing yourself and probably a business plan is essential to ensure success as a business owner.

Research and Planning

A business plan will help you get into the business with a clear vision of where you want to go. Moreover, it can help you identify potential roadblocks, identify resources and create a strategy to grow revenue. So this is where you want to get started. Now, before you stress out, you don’t need a detailed plan of financial projections and market size research if (and *screams* only if) you’re not investing big money for now.

If you’re starting small and steady, this is what you need:

  • Business concept. What do you do?
  • Set goals and vision.
  • Competitor research and differentiators. 
  • Target market
  • Marketing strategy

Start with this outline, and you’re in the right direction. And brace yourself; we’re getting into all the points right now.

Business Concept

First and foremost, you should set not only the what but also the why of your business. After you decide if permanent bracelets are the only product you want to sell, take a step back and think about why. Although the why can be as straightforward as wanting to make money, you’ll need a better reason to keep yourself committed. Why permanent bracelets and not another business? Do you enjoy details and good taste? Or is it the idea to give people something to hold onto forever? 

Pick your why. The one that will keep you going even when faced with difficulties.

Goals and Vision

Now that you know what your product/s is, it’s time to think about the future and set some goals. Taking into account your investments in the business, financial and non-financial, what do you want your success to look like? Are you happy to sell exclusively locally, or are you thinking of going international?

With goals and vision, you want to be specific. They will set the right steps in growing your business so take the time to think them through. Dare to go big but also dare to go small. There’s no limit here, and don’t let social pressure steal the joy of doing what you want.

Competitor Research and Differentiator

Competitor research will help you position yourself in the market. Analyzing your competitors is the practice of identifying and researching companies that offer the same or similar products and/or target the same audience. You’ll want to look into their marketing and sales strategy. For more context, here’s a list of what you want to keep an eye on:

  • Their most active selling and social channels. How are they selling their product, and where do they promote themselves the most?
  • Their ton of voice and positioning. Are they using an emotional marketing strategy, or have they picked a wittier approach to keep the audience entertained? Look into the pick of words and the visuals they’re using to understand what’s working for them.
  • Ranking. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to look into their ranking and notice common keywords they use. If you can easily find them in a google search by typing your product, that might indicate that they do have an SEO expert among themselves.
  • Type of content. The type of content you see most on their page must be performing the best, meaning your buyers love that.
  • Look for newsletters, community groups, and other selling efforts. If they have a newsletter, you will see it on their website, and you can even sign up for it to further learn their approach. Check every post carefully and be aware of what they’re promoting. If they have community groups or other efforts, they must post about it.

Now what you can’t find, you can use. Suppose you conclude that they don’t invest in SEO at all. That might be your best bet to quickly set yourself apart in the market. Asses and plan before you invest your time learning Semrush and Ahrefs. You want to make sure that a certain strategy is right for your brand and customers.

Target market

Who are you selling to? Be specific about your buyers’ demographics, habits, what they do, and what they like. The more you know about your customers, the more you can customize your strategy and product to fit their needs. What are people looking for when considering getting a permanent bracelet?

It will be also easier to reach them once you know who they are. You can start by creating a free buyer persona with HubSpot. There is a lot of business advertising online, so it’s important to take the time and understand your audience to give them a unique selling experience that speaks directly to them.

Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy will be easier if you’ve done all of the above. You know your audience, what they like, and the value you’re giving to them. In fact, with that competitor research, you even have a great visualization of the tools and content you need to start your permanent bracelet business.

Utilize the power of social media and be consistent. This is a good enough start.

How To Start a Permanent Bracelet Business: The product

You have successfully conducted the business plan, so now you’re ready to see some cash. You need one more thing – to create the bracelets. There’s no permanent bracelet business without bracelets.

These are the tools you’ll need to create permanent bracelets. 

Permanent Jewelry Welder. If you’re thinking of soldering, we’re on different pages with that idea. The best bet is to stick to a permanent bracelet welder because they are quick and safe.

Chain Cutter. You need a good chain cutter to cut the chain smoothly and precisely.

Specialty Pliers. These pliers, similar to nose-piercing needles, hold and position the cut link to the chain, ensuring a secure and precise connection.

Argon Gas. They say this is not and must, and we don’t agree. Argon gas removes oxygen from the weld and reduces splatter. So, you’ll notice the difference when using argon gas.

Protective equipment. Leather patches and glasses. We cannot stress the importance of safety enough; in this aspect, we make no exceptions.

Chain. For obvious reasons, you will need to purchase tons of chains.

This will be your starter pack. Think of how your bracelets will look and add anything else you need to this list.

Establishing Your Permanent Bracelet Business

You’re almost there. Now it’s time to find a name; before you commit to one, check to see if the name is available. The best scenario is finding a unique name that fits your vision. Do your research to ensure nobody has the same idea as you, and check to see if the domain under that name is free. Once you purchase the domain, you have to work more on giving your company more personality.

The logo and branding. If you don’t have some background, consider hiring someone to help you. You won’t get to do this often; if done right, you might have one shot here. That’s why letting the experts here do the magic is important.

Finally, you must consider your local requirement to establish your business legally. Requirements and procedures for registering a business might differ; that’s why you’re on your own here.

How To Start a Permanent Bracelet Business: Finale Thoughts

You can successfully launch a permanent bracelet business by conducting thorough market research, identifying your niche, offering unique products, and establishing a distinct brand identity. To grow your company and stay in business, you will need a few more steps to become a successful corporation. 

Schedule a consultation call with one of our experts to ensure a strong start for your business.

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