NFT Business Plan — A Whitepaper & Deck of an existing startup.

NFT Business Plan
NFT Business Plan

You probably won‘t build the new CryptoPunks. But here‘s the beauty of NFTs — They are extremely unpredictable. You might create something much bigger than CryptoPunks. Alternatively, your NFT project might not say the light of the day. Your NFT business plan could end up archived.

The truth is, it‘s a challenge. I won‘t be writing one of those traditional SEOd articles that are telling you an NFT project will make you hundreds of thousands. In fact, based on experience, there is a high chance it won‘t make anything at all.

But you know what? So is starting a restaurant, a coffee place, a freelancing career, or any business whatsoever. Every business has a risk. So if you‘re thinking of creating an NFT project, I should not be the person who would stand in your way. No one should.

I‘ve created a whitepaper and a pitch deck for a client in the NFT and crypto industry. Let me showcase it to you; may it guide you in creating yours. Oh, and if you want to download it to share it with a colleague, you‘ll find the PDF available.

Finally, before starting this article, you need to know that we do not endorse BTCEN‘s product whatsoever. The article is meant to show you how we wrote a whitepaper and a pitch deck for an NFT project and how you could too.

If you have any questions, we always check the comments!

The NFT Business Plan

Whenever I get a client request whether they want an NFT Business plan or a white paper, I always explain that at 99% of the cases, they‘re the same thing. In the crypto world, the word whitepaper is just more common than the word business plan.

The contents are almost exactly the same. Yet, instead of financials, we put tokenomics.

Here‘s the whitepaper. (Oh, and the company is BTCEN.)

After you check it out, take a look at the pitch deck.

That being said, here‘s the structure of this NFT whitepaper.

NFT Whitepaper Structure

Executive Summary

NFT Business Plan — Executive Summary
NFT Business Plan — Executive Summary

The executive summary is what we usually write at the end of the whitepaper or business plan. It simply states the most important elements mentioned in the plan. Think of it as something that would summarize the plan for an investor who is in a rush.

Hence, it ought to be showing the opportunities in investing in this project quite well.

The Market

After that, we start showcasing the market opportunity. It is crucial to convey the market opportunity in an NFT project. That is simply because it‘s quite volatile. So investors might want to invest in a dip, or to generally ensure that the market is growing in this industry.

The Project

What the project does is what should be pitched at this exact time. After conveying that there‘s a big market opportunity, it‘s time to tell the world what the project is. In this case, it‘s BTCEN.


This was the most time consuming section, and you can predict that seeing how complex it is. We had to create a token release schedule based on researching similar NFT Business plans.

NFT Business Plan — Tokenomics A
NFT Business Plan — Tokenomics A
NFT Business Plan — Tokenomics
NFT Business Plan — Tokenomics

A fair amount of projections had to be placed. As mentioned earlier, this market is volatile and unexpected. Yet, after communicating with the BTCEN team quite well, we were able to reach the perfect projected token release schedule and Tokenomics.


It‘s crucial at each NFT project that one states what‘s the plan. There will be a community and they will be investing in your NFTs. For that, you need to convey to them in your business plan the details of your NFT future plan. Are you now raising funds? What are you going to use them for? How long is the expected date for minting the NFTs? Etc…


Finally, showcasing the team is, I would say, the most important aspect of an NFT project. BTCEN‘s final whitepaper showcases their team. When this was in the works, they were still hiring a team to manage this. However, before investing in any NFT, you ought to know who created it.

NFT Pitch Deck Structure

The BTCEN team requested a pitch deck derived from this whitepaper, and so we delivered.


Now this is not very connected to the NFT project. The problem is one that they‘re targeting. That was the supply chain issues that were happening in the past few years.


They‘re focusing on a niche of beverages and trying to help them with their supply chain management.

NFT Pitch Deck — Solution Slide
NFT Pitch Deck — Solution Slide

Business Model

This is the most suitable connection to the whitepaper and the business plan. Their business model resides around their NFTs and their crypto token.

Market Size

It‘s not only about the beverages market (or the niche focus of energy drinks). It‘s also the NFT market, the gaming market, and any other market that could potentially invest in their NFTs.

Competitors Analysis

Then the deck showcases some of the competitors in terms of tokens and their market caps.


Displaying this similar to displaying a financial model in a typical pitch deck is what we‘re intending to do in this slide. Rather than pitching a lot of details, the token information and what they intend to invest the token‘s budget in is sufficient.


Following that, this slide showcases what they intend to do with the investors fund at that stage. Remember that this is an investor deck at the end of the day; so it is supposed to raise funds pre-token launch.


For the above slide, they‘re mentioning how much they‘re raising and what equity they‘re giving accordingly.


As mentioned in the whitepaper, a timeline is critical to allow investors to understand what the plan of the startup is.


Again, as mentioned earlier as well, showcasing the team is critical.

NFT Business Plan Consultants

If you like this NFT white paper and deck, do hit a like below or tell me in the comments. If you‘re looking for someone to help you in creating your own whitepaper, pitch deck, or NFT business plan, simply search on Albusi for NFT whitepaper, and you‘ll find freelancers to do that for you with some samples.

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