Business Plan Template Google Docs – The Ultimate Structure

Let me start by bluntly telling you there is no perfect business plan. Simply because almost every business worldwide will not follow the business plan they created exactly. However, as a 10-year business consultant, I highly advise you to create your business plan. This is my guide to creating a perfect business plan with a template in google docs.

You: “Why? If it’s not going to be followed anyway?”

Me: “It’s about the thought process in your mind before launching a business. You need to organize your thoughts. The process of writing a business plan gets you to think of ideas you would’ve never thought of, and that’s why I highly recommend it.”

So what I will do in this article is create the perfect business plan template in Google docs and give you access to it. You can easily use it as the perfect start; trust me, it will be worth it.

First up, you need to know more about me. I am Al Anany, a business consultant in Zurich, Switzerland. I’ve been working in entrepreneurship for over 10 years. I’ve consulted companies who raised more than $120 million while helping others personally raise over $500k in pre-seed.

Hence, everything you see here is based on my experience in creating business plans. I am allowing comments for this article for any questions you might think of!

Let’s get it started. Before discussing the table of contents, I will explain the reasoning behind this specific structure. Also, if you’re only looking for the template, just click on this button.

Due to the high success of this article, we’ve built tens of other templates that are all similar to the above one. They’re real-content templates based on different projects. Check them out!

Otherwise, read the below to understand more about the template and get recommendations on how to ace this. Remember, I have been doing this for over ten years. Hence, a small word in this four-minute read could impact your business positively.

What would the reader of the business plan want to see?

This question is one that I ask all my clients. You need to be aware of who will be reading this business plan. It might be a bank, for instance. In that case, you need to follow their recommended structure. In other cases, it might be a young 18 years old billionaire who’s interested in investing in your business. For that one, you will need a modern structure to fit their thoughts.

Nevertheless, we will speak regarding a business plan’s average reader. Here’s the conversation we want to convey.

Here’s the business plan template if it were a conversation instead of google docs.

Hi, let me tell you about my business. I have a company that works in the freelancing industry. You are probably wondering how large the freelancing industry is. So let me start by telling you more about this market’s size.

Additionally, I need to tell you more about how I intend to enter this market. This is where my company comes in. We specifically focus on the niche of business documents in freelancing. Let me show you my operations in detail. After that, I want to tell you who we’re up against in this market and why we’re better.

If all of this sounds good to you, then let’s move on to the next step, me. I am a huge part of this company, so you ought to know. But I am not alone; I have a team that needs to work with me to reach our objectives. Also, regarding legal structure, you must be informed of my company’s current legal state.

I also mentioned objectives. Here’s our detailed plan and timeline for what we intend to do in the next ten years. We have a few strategies for getting into the market that I’d like to chat with you about.

Finally, you need to see our financials to have the perfect picture. The truth is a business has to be profitable one day or another.

Thanks, and here’s my contact information if you’re interested in my business.

This above paragraph is the conversation that occurs between you and the reader of your business plan that needs to be conveyed in a document rather than in a conversation.

Keeping that in mind, let’s analyze my recommended table of contents for a business plan.

The Business Plan Structure for the Google Docs Template

Remember, it’s a story. So you’ll have to tell it in the best possible way. The below structure is my recommendation as it expands your view on what you need to work on. Additionally, it’s exactly enough for an investor, for example, to understand the business quite well.

The executive summary should be a paragraph that summarizes the business plan. It answers the fundamental question of why this company/project is important and what’s in it for me as an investor or reader. Your executive summary should be:

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Engaging

Market Overview

The market overview is where you tell the reader what the problem is that your company/project solves. You also need to explain why this problem is important and its impact on society.

Company Information

The company information is where you explain the structure of your business. You should include a description of the founders and management team, including their backgrounds and relevant experience. Next, you should explain how funds will be used to grow your business. Finally, provide an overview of your competitive advantage.


The operations section is where you explain how your business works. You should include any relevant information about current and future products, markets, and customers. You should also provide a high-level overview of the company’s financials and key performance indicators (KPIs).


The team section is where you describe the founders and management team. You should include information about each member’s background, relevant experience, and specific responsibilities. If your company has a board of directors or advisors, you can also include this information here.


The legal section is where you explain the company’s organizational structure and ownership. You should also discuss any regulatory issues or restrictions that affect your business.


The timeline section is where you explain how the business came to be, what steps were involved in its development, and when each step took place. You should also include any milestones or significant events that have occurred in the company’s history.

GTM Strategy (Go to market)

The GTM Strategy section is where you explain how the business plans to reach its target market and why. You should also include any information about your sales strategy and how it differs from competitors’ approaches.


The financials section is where you explain how the business makes money, what its profit margins are, and how much revenue it has earned over time. You should also include any information about your projected sales and expenses and any recent investments or funding rounds.

For this version of the business plan, I chose to make it a simple income statement. Other companies require a 3-statement model (Income statement, Cashflow analysis, and Balance sheet.)


Finally, do not forget to leave your contact information. The worst thing that could happen is that the reader would not be able to reach you.

Download the Business Plan Template in Google Docs

As promised, the two buttons below link to the business plan template in google docs. You can view it and make a copy of it. The charts and financials are linked to another google sheet, which you can also find below.

Remember, this is merely a simple guide to get you started. It’s your story; tell it perfectly.

Questions about the Google Docs Business Plan Template

The only way to move forward is to enhance our content. Hence, shoot a comment below about anything you want to add to the template, and it will be done!

Further support for the business plan template (google docs version)

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