How to Create a Winning Investor Pitch Deck with This Template


I was invited to be a judging committee member in a competition that assesses startup businesses while they pitch. Based on the pitch, we will award a grant of up to USD 50K to build the business on solid ground. I had to sit for 50 pitch decks from people everywhere. And guess what I learned? Many guides are out there talking about how people should pitch their businesses. And I am sure all the rising entrepreneurs have gone through them all. However, when it came to action, many failed to grab our attention the right way. Let me tell you more about some guidelines before you tell your investors your business idea. Also, we will provide you with a solid-rock investor pitch deck template (ppt) in the very first section of this article.

Alright, grab your pen and paper and start taking some actual notes about how you should pitch.

Download The Investor Pitch Deck Template [PPT]

If you really need a well-written and organized pitch deck template, then Albusi has got you covered.

Albusi’s professional services include a complete story for Real-Content Templates (RCT), an invention that every entrepreneur would love.

RCTs are real-life examples (not just templates) that provide the main essential sections for your pitch deck or business plan. There are many downloadable examples available on the website. Groomy is our related RCT to help you plan and pitch any business to investors. The template will give you an idea to write your introduction, market opportunity, the unique selling points (UPS) you are proposing, financial projections, and investment asks.

You can download (and edit) the template through the Albusi website or here:

The Albusi team develops templates based on fictional companies. They are only meant to provide you with more realistic content rather than the “lorem ipsum” versions spread on the internet.

Frankly speaking, a template is not enough, and this is what I will explain shortly. For this reason, reader, please continue scrolling down to learn more.

What You Need In Addition To This Investor Pitch Deck Template

Invest In Your Template, but also In Your Presentation

The majority of business owners spend a lot of time preparing a catchy slideshow without putting enough effort into presenting your slides. You need to align with the slides and be able to go through the whole pitch deck without depending on it. I fell in love with presenters who were having trouble playing their slides yet were able to pitch their business. Knowing your business by heart and being able to talk about it in any context is very important and grasps the attention of anyone in the room. So, invest time in knowing your business and presenting it no matter what the context is. Remember, the investor pitch deck template PPT is not the only thing you need!

Please Don’t Bore The Investors

Yes, I am asking you to be fun!

You need to engage the investors while pitching. Let them enjoy your pitch and remember yours significantly because they felt happy while you presented your business. Trust me when I tell you this can make a lot of difference. Entertain all the way. Be comfortable and confident, and let that show to your investors.

Adhere To The Time, Trust Me

Don’t try to be innovative and include information in your presentation, and think that investors will love you for doing that. No, they won’t. On the contrary, if you can finish your pitch in a clear and organized way in a short duration, then you are a pro. Don’t go back and forth and repeat the same information over and over. Be very aware of the time you stand pitching. There is a reason why an elevator pitch came into existence.

Don’t Exaggerate and Brag

After extensive research and thorough studies, present the problem your business is solving. You can not stand in front of investors and tell them that you are the first and one-of-a-kind business doing something unless you are 100% sure about that. Investors know the market and businesses very well. They are contributors to the same industry. When we discussed one of the presenters after their pitch, one of the investors mentioned that the idea the business owner was trying to prove as new was already implemented by one of the local businesses. So, stick to the facts. And don’t be afraid to say I don’t know or have complete information about this. You earn respect if you have already done your job very well.

All in All – The Winning Investor Pitch Deck Template [PPT]

I hope I was able to add a few guiding tips to help you present your business ideas confidently. I strongly encourage you to attend different events and learn from great pitchers in the same industry. This can help you a lot in exploring different presentation styles and pitch ideas.

In addition, you have a great pitch deck template to plan a strong and professional business on a solid foundation.

And, of course, if you’re out of time and want a consultant to help you plan and complete this right, you can always contact one of our freelancers. They will help you draft a complete business plan for your nonprofit business and help you pitch it to others, too.

I highly recommend it.

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I’m Jenny Ayman, a project manager in the development field with specific knowledge and experience in capacity building and entrepreneurship programs. I aspire to transfer the hands-on experience I gain in my professional career through writing.

Also, if you need help planning your business, I recommend checking out some of our freelancer’s business plans or pitch decks!