Freelance Consulting, The Non-Complex Way.

I had a maths teacher who changed my perception of the subject. To me, it used to be such a complex subject. To many, it still is. Yet, when that teacher started explaining maths, I fell in love with it. The main reason for that is the simplicity with which he pitched the subject. Rather than feeling that a challenge is coming up, I felt that a game is coming up. Until this day, I cherish that maths teacher and what he did to change the course of my life. Let me try to show you that freelance consulting nowadays is as complex as maths.

If you‘re looking for a freelance consultant, then jump into that section immediately. You will find what you‘re looking for.

Freelance Consulting.

When you start looking for freelance consultants to help you with a business plan, a presentation, or a financial model, you will get a non-simple process. Let me elaborate. Here‘s the average customer journey of a typical website like Upwork or Fiverr:

  1. Find a freelancer
  2. Sign up as a client/buyer
  3. Confirm your email and number
  4. Tell them more about yourself
  5. Get on a chat with that freelancer
  6. Agree on pricing and timeframe
  7. Get on a call to check if they‘re human
  8. Create a job for them
  9. Send them a contract
  10. Link your credit card
  11. Pay for a milestone

Freelance consulting should not be an eleven-step process. It should be as simple as:

  1. Find a consultant.
  2. Hire the consultant.
  3. Talk to the consultant.

This three-step process is what we‘re trying to achieve at Albusi.

There are many elements in the above eleven-step process that are done to benefit from the client (For instance, collecting more data about the client‘s behavior to improve A.I. algorithms.)

Similarly, the account creation process is a nonrequired process in our day and age. When you need a freelance consultant, you should immediately talk to them and hire them with a single payment click. There should not be rules such as “Do not communicate outside of our platform.“

That being said, let me introduce you to some of our consultants.

Our Freelance Consultants.

Albusi works in two directions. Firstly, we showcase our freelance consultants. Secondly, we showcase their services. After the identity and work verification process that lasts at least a year, we have the following consultants who could work on business services like business planning, pitch deck creation, one-pager design, whitepaper documentation, etc…

Sam - Freelance Business Consultant
Anil - Freelance Business Consultant
Sabry - Freelance Business Consultant

These consultants have worked in Albusi for over three years and know how to work those services. So there is no doubt about any of our clients. Hence, by verifying the work quality and their identity, we‘ve already saved the client quite a good amount of time.

Yet, it‘s not a simple process for you, the reader, to just keep surfing each freelancer‘s portfolio to find what you‘re looking for. That‘s why our SEO team works on creating variations of the services that our freelancers can provide.

For example, sometimes clients are looking for an Amazon side hustle, and they‘re looking for a business plan writer. That‘s why our SEO team wrote “Amazon Side Hustle – The Ultimate Business Plan.“

Then we thought of everything you might ask, like timeframe, details, and pricing, and incorporated all of those elements with the consultant’s help. Simply put, Albusi aims to be the search engine of project planning in a few years.

Non-Complex Freelance Consulting Methods.

Say you‘re looking for some freelance consulting and found some of our freelancers. You‘d want to talk to them and pay for the service without complications. This is what our website is all about.

  • You do not need to create an account.
  • You can talk to the freelancer wherever you‘d like.
  • Finally, you can pay the freelancer however you‘d like (Even if it‘s in M&Ms.)

It‘s unlikely that the freelancer would accept M&Ms. But if so, we‘d support it. We need the sugar rush.

Payments are done with Stripe in literally a few clicks. Finally, people at Albusi specialize in the niche of freelance business consulting. So in case of a dispute, which is rare, we personally interfere and review the work to assess ourselves. Then we decide on the best course of action on how to improve the output result.

We understand that the objective of the client or the entrepreneur is to get the job done. 99% of entrepreneurs would not want to get involved in disputes or any financial transactions. They‘d rather have the job done well and on time.

Freelance Consulting Rates

The freelancers decide on their fixed average rates. For a business plan, for example, the work required is quite intensive compared to a one-pager. Hence, pricing could be around $700 or more.

Albusi only charges a slight 10% to maintain operational costs. Shortly, we aim to decrease that rather than increase it. Albusi aims to become merely a payment processor. It is quite unfair to charge a whopping 20% commission for linking an entrepreneur with a freelancer.

Our freelancers understand that being pioneer freelancers, they‘d pay those 10% commissions. But it would be highly beneficial to them in the long run.

If you‘d like to explore our freelancers‘ services, you could choose the category you prefer (We intend to expand those categories shortly.)

Also, if you‘d like to join our freelancers, please send us an email at

We want to ensure there is always a fair level of supply and demand. Hence, if you‘ll not benefit from being on Albusi right now, we will tell you and add you later on.

We won‘t be selective about who you are as long as you have a passion for the industry. However, we will give you internal paid tasks for quite a while before you get listed to ensure that you have the right mindset for work.

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